Individual Enrollment Instructions

For individuals enrolling in a course; you can create an account here:

Group Enrollment Instructions

You can give us a call at 800-610-4213 or the best way is by email at:

Here is what you need to email us:

  • Your Company name and Contact Person name and direct phone number.
  • What course(s) your group should be enrolled in.
  • The name of each student as you want it to appear on certificate.
  • Email address per student or if they dont have an email let us know and we can create a username instead. (Email must be unique, no sharing.)
  • Payment - We can take a credit card over the phone or email you a payment link so you can pay online with a credit card. Please specify.

*A credit card is required for group enrollment. If paying by check students will not be enrolled till check is cleared.

Group Enrollment Features


  • Online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Branded Training Portal with your company logo (Optional)
  • Train, Track & Report
  • Custom options and features available

    Group Administrators

    For group administrators please follow the following instructions:

    • To enroll a group into a course(s), email us at:
    • *Do not create student accounts. We will create them for you. They will be placed in the proper group, so you can track all training.
    • *If you create a student account, you will not be able to track their training.